"Traditional Cruyffism" or "Cruyff Philosophy" is the foundation of High Performance Football Clinics (HPFC), and the driving force behind our training approach and methodology during our soccer camps.

At HPFC we believe that, "football is played with your head and your feet are just the tools" (Andrea Pirlo). Or put differently, we understand that "the athlete is the mind, and the body is only a vessel." Thus, through the incorporation of advanced sports sciences (i.e. sports psychology, sports nutrition, science of recovery and injury prevention, and neuroscience of training) and traditionally-derived modern soccer training methodology, athletes who attend High Performance Football Clinics are exposed to a week of intensive football training, which is designed to optimize their tactical understanding and decision making during games.  In short, at HPFC we take a player-centered approach to training and we aim to enhance the cognitive capacities of the athletes and build players with strong internal game logic.  Football is a game of decision-making, and game intelligence is the key to performance. 

Our globally run clinics (summer soccer camps) are delivered by our team of certified and licensed coaches (see below) and with the help of our international colleagues who serve as guest instructors during our week long clinics. 




Ten Pillars of HPFC Clinics

Cruyff and HPFC Methodology


Neuroscientific Pedagogy


Sports psychology education


Sports nutrition education


Injury prevention education


Video analysis post training


Players selected into clinic


Expert coaches and guest instructors


Player selection for trials in Spain


Faith & HP sports education


Faith in High Performance Sports

There are many variables that are scientifically correlated with high performance in sports, specifically football. These include physical fitness, intelligence, mental toughness and resilience.  However, there is one important variable that is rarely discussed.  What is that elusive and non-tangible variable?


Well, if you ask any high performing football player such as Messi, Iniesta, Pirlo, Salah etc., what has been a key factor to their success, unquestionably and undoubtedly, they will identify their deep seeded faith in a greater power as a key factor.  Furthermore, they will explain that it was their deep seeded faith that allowed them to nurture a resilient mind and to maintain a sense of commitment and dedication while pursuing their dream; a dream and a sense of purpose that they would argue was planted within them by a greater power.  In short, they would argue that without faith, they would not have been able to develop the psychological and cognitive tools needed to overcome the many obstacles and barriers on the way to high performance at the highest levels.

As such, at HPFC we make it a priority to incorporate the concept of faith in our sports psychology discussions and throughout our week long clinics (soccer camps) in hopes of relating to the players the importance of faith in a higher power and its relations to achieving high performance.