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The Student-Athlete Program For Footballers

The HPFC Student-Athlete Program is designed to not only improve the football knowledge of our players and their performance on field, but more importantly, to help them achieve academic excellence in order to secure academic and athletic scholarships at the undergraduate, graduate, and professional school levels.  In short, we help our players build a career path beyond football. 


The program is comprised of modules that focus on the neuroscience of football training and decision making, with an aim of increasing the tactical awareness of players and their performance.  The academic modules help parents and players learn how to plan their academic and career paths.   



Understanding how our brains function during soccer is paramount in being able to analyze the game during live play.  We will deliver age-specific neuroscience, sports psychology and stress management training. Specifically, you will learn the science behind how decisions are made in football to help your decision making process. 

Football Tactics and Strategies

We will teach you football strategies and tactics as related to football 7, 9 and 11.  You will learn the tactical demands, roles and responsibility of all players on the field in various systems such as 1-4-4-2, 1-4-3-3, 1-4-2-3-1; and even 1-4-3-2-1.

Video Analysis Training 

Learning how to analyze team tactics and players during live play is an important ability to have as a player.  We will teach you how to analyze tactics in various situations of the game from a player's perspective.  We use your own videos and videos from professional games. 

Individualized & personalized coaching

You will receive a personlized and individualized curriculum delivered by one of our expert team members.  You will be given assignments and continuously assessed throughout this program. 



Roberto Carlos

Tactical & Technical Instructor

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Bijan Azizi

Technical & Tactical Analyst Instructor

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Dr. Mo Bayegan

Neuroscience & Sports Psychology Instructor

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Academic Topics


Neuroscience of Learning

Increasing reading & comprehension skills

Persuasive writing skills 

Increasing analytical & mathematical skills

Exam preparation skills

Increasing critical thinking skills

Building Study Habits

Time management Strategies 

Stress Management Strategies

Selecting colleges/universities

Selecting programs of study

Securing scholarships

Building non-cognitive skills

Individual Tutoring 

3-Month Program

12 sessions/weekly

1-hour online session

Flexible booking


(2 installment option)

6-month Program

24 sessions/weekly

1-hour online session

Flexible booking


(4 installment Options)

12-Month Unlimited Program

Unlimited sessions 

1-hour online sessions

Flexible booking


(Monthly payments)


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