Alen Vukobrad

Senior Technical and Methodology Advisor


Regarded as one of the best youth developmental coaches in Canada, Coach Alen Vukobrad brings a wealth of experience to our team and serves as senior advisor of methodology.  Coach Alen, who has been a professional coach in the past, has served as associate Technical Director of Barca Academy Toronto for the past 7 years.  During this time he also delivered more than 50 Official F.C. Barcelona Soccer Camps across Canada.

As a high-performance coach, his teams traveled to Barcelona on numerous occasions to compete at the Barca Academy World Cup, most notably finishing third place among more than 50 Barca Academies from around the globe, including those from FCB. 


Coach Alen holds a UEFA B license from Croatia and is currently completing his UEFA A License from the same federation.  He also holds a Canadian National A-License.  We at HPFC are honored to have Coach Vukobrad assist us as a senior technical and methodology advisor, and to bring his proven track record in helping with the design and logistics of our high performance clinics (soccer camps). 


Dr. Robert H. Gringmuth, FRCCSS(C), FCCPOR(C)

Senior Sports Science & Sports Medicine Advisor

Medical Director of the Sports Injury & Rehabilitation Centres, Inc.

Assistant Professor of Clinical Education

Medical Coordinator of Ontario Soccer

Dr. Robert H. Gringmuth is a sports and rehabilitation specialist who has been treating high performance athletes for over 30 years, providing expert diagnostic assessment, treatment and post-conditioning programs.  We are honored to have Dr. Gringmuth serve as HPFC's Senior Sport Science and Sports Medicine Advisor.

Dr. Gringmuth, who is regarded as one of the leading football-specific sports specialist in Canada, has previously served as part of the official medical committee of the FIFA U20 World Cup in 2007 in Canada.  Furthermore, Dr. Gringmuth has served numerous times as team doctor to both the Men's and Women's Canadian National Soccer Teams at international tournaments and events.  He has also acted as coordinator of healthcare services for the Toronto Blizzard Soccer Club, The Toronto Shooting Stars Indoor Pro Soccer Club, the Ontario Soccer Association (Team Ontario), Toronto Thunder Hawks and the National Training Centres (east) for Canada Soccer.  Lastly, Dr. Gringmuth has served as Medical coordinator for international club games held in Toronto, Canada, which were played by the Celtics, F.C. Porto, Liverpool and A.S. Roma. 

Aside from his involvements in professional football, Dr. Gringmuth has worked with players from the Toronto Maple Leafs and was designated as the official sports chiropractor for the NHL visiting teams to Toronto for one season through the Sports Medicine Specialist Program in 2002.  He also played a leading role with the health care of the Toronto Phantom Professional Arena Football Club, owned an operated by the Toronto Blue Jays.

Dr. Gringmuth brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to HPFC.  He not only acts as guest instructor at our HPFCs (via Zoom), but more importantly serves as our very trusted sports medicine specialist, and assists in the management of any injuries that should arise at our HP clinics.  Once again, we are honored to have Dr. Gringmuth act as our Senior Sports Science & Sports Medicine Advisor.

Mo Black and White.jpg

Dr. Mo Bayegan

Director of Clinics & Co-founder


Mo Bayegan has been a developmental coach for nearly 20 years and is currently completing a Master's Professional Football through F.C Barcelona and the Institute of Physical Education of Catalonia.  Mo is a graduate of the University of Toronto with an honors degree in the field of cellular and molecular genetics, with a combined degree in sociology. He has also completed graduate and doctoral studies in Canada.  Furthermore, Mo holds advanced and introductory certification from F.C. Barcelona Universitas (Barca Innovation Hub) in the areas of Barca Methodology I&II, High Performance Sports Psychology, Neuroscience and Training, and Football Tactical Analysis.  He also holds a Canadian National C-License, and is a certified Coerver Methodology coach (Dutch Methodology). 

Over the last few years, Mo has worked as a high performance coach with Barca Academy Toronto and has been involved with the delivery of official F.C. Barcelona Summer Soccer Camps in Canada.  Moreover, he has served as head coach of Ontario (seed one) Futsal Team at the Canadian National Futsal Championships where the team finished with a Bronze Medal. 

Professionally over the past 10 years, Mo has been a high performance sports injury specialist with the Ontario Provincial Teams, where he has served as team doctor at national and international tournaments.  Most notably, Dr. Bayegan has served as on-field therapist at the FIFA Women's World Cup, which was held in Canada in 2015. 

Mo is currently living in Spain where he has completed his UEFA B coaching license.  In the previous season coach Mo served as a tactical analyst to a third division club in the Spanish Federation.  



Sam Tajik

Technical Coordinator & Co-founder

Director of Digital Social Media

Coach Sam, who played youth and semi-professional football in Canada, and third division football in Italy (on trials), began his coaching career as an assistant to coach Mo nearly 6 years ago.  Over a period of 3 years, and as assistant at two different clubs, Sam continued to develop his skills and knowledge, which led to positions as high performance assistant coach and head developmental coach at Barca Academy Toronto.  During his 3 years at Barca Academy Toronto, Sam helped to deliver numerous official F.C. Barcelona Summer Soccer Camps in Toronto, Canada.  Furthermore during this time, coach Sam had the privilege of working under three different F.C. Barcelona Technical Directors, and received internal club education in methodology. 

Over the past year, coach Sam has enrolled at F.C. Barcelona Universitas (Barca Innovation Hub), where he has completed certifications in Leadership, Ethics and Social Responsibility, Barca Methodology, Football Tactical Analyst, and High Performance Sports Psychology.  Sam also holds a Canadian National C-License, and is in the process of moving to Spain to continue with his football education.  

Raymond bw.png

Raymond Fernandes, Registered Kinesiologist

HP On-Field Sports Therapist - Canada Clinics

Certified Exercise Physiologist HFFC - CEP

B.A., Specialized Honors


Raymond Fernandes is HPFC's on-field high performance sports therapist.  Raymond graduated from York University with a Bachelor of Arts in Kinesiology and Health Science in 2015. He is a Registered Kinesiologist with the College of Kinesiologists of Ontario, as well as a Certified Exercise Physiologist through the Health and Fitness Federation of Canada. Raymond has completed courses in Soft Tissue Release, Kinesio Taping, and Concussion management.


Raymond is currently working as a Registered Kinesiologist at Physiomed, Oakville. He is involved with the treatment, management, and prevention of sports injuries.  He advocates that individuals learn skills faster and perform better if they are having fun in an environment that cultivates mastery, and one that focuses on effort and improvement.


Raymond Fernandes has previously served as a high performance sports therapist at the F.C. Barcelona Toronto Soccer Academy and at numerous Official F.C. Barcelona Summer Camps in Toronto, Canada. 

Apart from his working duties, Raymond is a Child Life volunteer at SickKids Hospital.  We at HPFC are honored to have Raymond serve as our very trusted on-field therapist. 


Coach Bijan Azizi

Senior Technical and Tactical Analyst 

Coach Bijan Azizi was a former professional player in the Iranian Premier League. He brings his 25 yeas of professional coaching experience, along with his unmatched passion for football to HPFC as our senior technical and tactical football analyst.

Subsequent to his playing career, coach Bijan began working as a professional coach. He holds a UEFA-A and USSF-A license. Previously, coach Bijan has served as the head coach of Shahrdari Tabriz F.C of the Iranian Premier League. More notably, he has served as a coach with Persepolis F.C (Iranian Premier League), one of Asia's better known football clubs. Lastly, during his time in Iran, he served as a tactical analyst on Iranian National Television which was broadcast to an average global audience of 35 million people nightly. For this reason, coach Azizi is a well recognized and respected professional within the Iranian Football Federation and Premier League.

In Canada, coach Azizi has served as Ontario Provincial Team Coach to the U-15 girls' program which won the 2013 National All-Star Championship. Furthermore, coach Azizi has served as a staff coach with the Canadian National Women's U-17 program through the Ontario National Training Centers. Coach Bijan has also previously worked as a head coach in the Canadian Professional Soccer League.

We at HPFC are honored and privileged to have coach Bijan Azizi join us as our Senior Technical & Tactical Football Analyst. We look forward to having coach Azizi join us on-field at our upcoming clinic and to provide his insights during the online tactical session. Welcome to the team coach Bijan!

Mo Black and White.jpg

Mohammad Asghary, B.A., M.A., M.Ed.

Canadian C-License

AFC C-License

High Performance coach & Senior Pedagogy Advisor 

Coach Mohammad Asghary joins us from Doha, Qatar where he was recently working as a technical staff member at the PSG Academy, Doha, and completing his Master's of Applied Ethics at the HBKU.  The focus of coach Mohammad's thesis was to understand moral and ethical development in elite athletes.  Coach Mohammad also holds a Bachelors of Art from York University (Canada), a Master's of Art from the University of Toronto (Canada), and a Master's of Education from Niagara University (Canada).  

Previously Mohammad has coached at the developmental level in Canada and played in League 1 Ontario as a player.  Moreover, coach Mohammad has also been involved in football as a mentor, a referee (10 years), and an educator.  Coach Asghary is passionate about football, but more importantly, he is dedicated to helping players develop the moral and ethical character that can be nurtured through sports.  

We are honoured and privileged to have coach Mohammad join our team at HPFC.  We look forward to having him assist with our future projects and help us refine our pedagogical and methodological approach.  Welcome coach Mohammad.  


Derek Salvador, B.A., CSCS, HPT (C)

Sports Sciences, Strength and Conditioning (Football) Advisor

Athletic Developmental Coach and Co-founder of Novanta Sports Performance

Derek Salvador is a football-specific strength and conditioning specialist and a University of Toronto lecturer in the Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education.  We are honored to have Derek and his organization, Novanta Sports Performance, serve as our Sports Sciences & Strength and Conditioning advisor.  

Derek Salvador graduated from the University of Windsor with a Bachelors's degree in Psychology.  Subsequently, Derek went on to complete a certification as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA and furthered advanced his education with a certification from Humber College in the field of Human Performance Training.   

Derek, who most recently served as the Strength and Conditioning Specialist to York 9 F.C of the Canadian Premier League, has a wealth of experience and a proven track record when it comes to collaborating with high performance football (soccer) players.  During his career Derek Salvador has acted as Strength and Conditioning coach to EPL, Bundesliga, MLS, SPL, and National Tem players, all of which you can read about on his website.  

We at HPFC are honored to have Derek Salvador and his organization, Novanta Sports Performance, serve as a trusted partner and advisor.  We look forward to collaborating with Derek on and off-field.  


Helia Bayegan, B.Sc., B.A., LLM 

Legal Advisor & Director of Middle East Projects

Helia Bayegan, Founder and CEO of HMB Immigration Consultants, serves as HPFC's legal advisor and director of projects in Turkey and the Middle East.  Ms. Bayegan holds a Bachelor of Science in the field of psychology from York University, a Bachelor of Social Sciences in the area of sociology of law and commercial law from Birmingham University (UK), and a Master's of Law in the areas of commercial and international law, also from Birmingham University (UK).  

Previously Ms. Bayegan has professionally worked as an immigration consultant assisting families, individuals, students, etc., from the Middle East with attaining residency in various European and North American cities.  As such, Ms. Bayegan can be an invaluable asset to our players and families who may not hold a European passport but are looking to migrate and live in Europe for football reasons.  Lastly, Ms. Bayegan serves as our point of contact for any legal matters that may transpire during our clinics.  

Given her extensive background and network in the Middle East and Turkey, Ms. Bayegan will be assisting us with the organization of future HPFC clinics and projects abroad.  We at HPFC are honored to have Ms. Bayegan serve as our Legal advisor and liaison in our international projects.